ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) had expanded fast, but a growing portfolio meant a new competitive threat.  It was time to think again how ILTM could confidently retain their number 1 position with renewed enthusiasm! 

We helped them work through their strategy and focus attention on building their brand and value proposition through a series of creative workshops. 

The next challenge was to integrate the marketing and sales functions to focus on prospecting to build up their portfolio.  This involved understanding the sales funnel, how much data was needed to hit the commercial targets and work closely with them and their systems to understand what was happening at every stage from lead to contract to help cut through any obstacles.

And part of supporting sales through the process was making sure they had the campaigns and tools to effectively open the doors for them. And they loved the new look, proposition and tone of voice.

We are also working with ILTM to bring the brand to life through content and key note presentations for both ILTM Cannes and ILTM Asia.  This has involved coming up with editorial themes which challenge the status quo and awaken the customer, positioning ILTM as leaders in their field. And delivering them with a bit of va va voom. 

We have also build a 43 metre storywall at ILTM Cannes and illustrated live over 4 days the individual brand stories of the event creating a huge buzz and a much shared and talked about experience. And also the world's first live 3D drawing wall, using google tilt brush and bringing exhibitors brands and stories to live with instant video content to share on social media. As well as multiple video's, both HD and VR.

Our ongoing work with ILTM has resulted in the largest ever and most profitable event portfolio, the highest NPS scores, up 36% and a big jump in new business from 29% to 40% of the portfolio.

Our ongoing long term relationship with them has recently involved a further development of their brand as they have confidently retained number 1 position globally and now need to reflect the client success stories and the impact their events have made on their business.  #keeptheworldmoving is the resulting campaign and is successfully positioning ILTM as creating and supporting leaders of substance within the luxury travel industry.