From Rant to Rapture

Here's what's been playing on our minds. You may not agree with it all but we don't mind if you don't, after all, like Grandma used to say: "Bring me a person with a strong opinion". She said a lot of wise things. Another of her favourites was; "Patience is a virtue, have it if you can, seldom in a woman but never in a man". 

So take your time and read as much as you want. 

What's new disruptive force in business?
marketing automation maybe? or maybe something a bit more human and focused on the real customer experience. you may be surprised. 

FIFA rebrands to THIEFA

A little rebrand we did after listening to Iain Dale on the way home. Given that branding is (should be) about truth and authenticity this seems right no?


marketing speak - what does it all mean?
we think it could do with all being a bit less jargonny and a lot more human. here's our glossary of far too commonly used words and phases

We won!

So we entered a little competition over at Alternative Genius... well we said little... but the truth is, any competition with Steve Henry, Paul Simonet and Alastair Duncan as the jury isn't just any old little competition. In fact it's quite a big deal. Anyhows - WE WON! We're absolutely super chuffed and super grateful and are now planning a trip up Big Ben if you fancy joining us!

After the success of Buxton Waters renaming of Canada Water, TFL is opening up all underground stations for brands. We think maybe Hovis could get ahead of the game and take over Baker Street. Could be a nice tie in and easy to imagine free Hovis toast-bars set up around the station. We're working with another agency startup called Poke The Tiger on this one.

Just a little idea for Hovis

A quick competition entry

So we had half an hours spare time and we didn't know what to do with it. Sleep? Go for a run? Fix the toilet seat?

We're human... so we just went on a little online ramble and found a competition over at AlternativeGenius.

"Encourage people to vote" they said and there could be £2000 in it for you. So we had a little think about the state of politics and the general uncertanity about who'll get in and came up with this.

If we win we'll spend the money on a day up Big Ben for anyone who requests it (we've never been up there but it seems like a good idea.)

Fill out this little form here if you're interested and download this while you're waiting. Iain Dale at LBC said he found it hilarious. (check us with the name dropping!)


(Send us a quick message if you want to join us up Big Ben.)

We think creativity in B2B marketing has been very slowly and very painfully suffocated.
4,000 people on Slideshare seem to agree. 

“Marketeers have become technicians capable of servicing their client’s advertising boiler, when they thought they were architects”

The Slow death of creativity in B2B

there are many ways to construct your brand. some say you need a brand idea and others say you need a brand essence.

we just say you need a why.

"Building your brand story on your ‘why’ increases trust and transparency."

5 reasons your brand needs a why

A little while ago while struggling to keep a well known red telecom brand from going 'off-guides' we thought to ourselves; 'why do some designers find it very tricky not to dismantle visual identity systems?'. So we set ourselves the challenge of finding the most adhered too guidelines in history... and found the Egyptians. Despite having a country over 1 million km square and having to work with 1,000's of artists over 2,000 years they managed to keep their brand on track. No small feat.

Having a little interest in middle eastern history we put a postit note on the window with 'DO EGYPTIAN BRAND GUIDELINES' on it. That's no small feat either. If this sounds like a bit of good fun to you then we'd love to collaborate whether you're a historian or a designer. Contact us here.

Work like a Egyptian

back in the day they used to think that business decisions were made in an emotional vacuum. crazy huh? yes we've come a long way since then but we've still got a way to go.

SWeet: our first slideshare.

granted it's a bit of a rant but it resonated with quite a few people.

Ahh... sweet. This was our first one for Everywherebrand. We didn't really have an idea of what we wanted Everywherebrand to become back then - all we wanted was a bit of a vent against a few so called strategists who were charging brand money for businesses that were only really ever going to have a new identity system. It still vexes us.

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