Bowel cancer has the second highest cancer death rate at 16,000 a year.  Despite this, awareness is shockingly low and as a result funding for the charity is well under that of an average FTSE100 CEO package.

We have helped Bowel Cancer UK build their marketing and communications strategy to prioritise the key audiences they should be communicating with to deliver their main strategic focus, that of becoming a research based charity to reduce the death rate.

Working closely with all departments, we have jointly developed a strategy and a plan around the central campaign theme of STOP people dying of bowel cancer.  We are at the beginning of a 3 year plan to reduce the number of deaths dramatically by 2025. 

To focus scarce resource and priorities we are delivering marketing and communications workshops and a 3 year communications plan. 

For bowel cancer awareness month, we launched the STOP campaign online to build an active community of survivors and sufferers ready to help spread the message and raise funds.