We're hiring... but we're picky

We're looking for great quality people both on the creative and client side.. but to be considered for the job we do have a few stipulations:

  1. You must have changed, or offered to change a strangers flat tyre. (You get more points if you were massively busy at the time)
  2. You must have given up your seat for an old chap on the bus.. or at least offered.
  3. You at some point you will have considered fighting for the rights of battery chicken.
  4. You will have drunkenly emptied your purse or pockets into the hat of a busker.
  5. You will have made an online comment about the unjustifiable difference between male and female salaries.
  6. You will have followed a colleague out of the office to find out why they're upset.
  7. You will have picked up someone else's litter.

OK - these sound a little like some kind of cult entry requirements and to be honest we're not going to stick to them 100% but you get the idea? We're after creating a company and culture of good people who do great work and love working together. If you like the sound of that then get us your CV over and we'll go for a nice walk & a talk.

All the best & be good out there.